It is not clear when and why this Tharavad house was moved from there to the present location at Muttom, near Haripad in Alappuzha District, which is about 25 kilometers north of Kulasekharapuram. It must have been around 300 years back. Even though the main Tharavad shifted, a branch of this family is still there. Unfortunately, the main house and surrounding properties of this branch were sold recently (about 30 years back).

All these areas viz. Muttom and Kulasekarapuram were part one kingdom at that time. The name of this kingdom was Odanad and the capital of this kingdom was at Krishnapuram, very near to Kayamkulam town. So, this kingdom was also known as Kayamkulam. The palace at Krishnapuram and the temple are still there, even though this kingdom was annexed to the Travancore kingdom, after the defeat of the king of Kayamkulam at the third battle fought with Marthanda Varma, the Travancore king, in the year 1746.


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