Once upon a time, this tharavad controlled the ‘Niranam thura’ (a small harbor at Niranam) as the main navigators with their own ‘Kalari’ and ‘Kshethram’. The famous Aryabhada Swamikal had described this family as ‘Soorya vamsajar’ of Travancore in his books. Alummoottil tharavad was connected with Vallabhasseril tharavad by marriages long back.
Manthravadi Mathevan Channar II became the senior most male member in Alummoottil Tharavad at the demise/desertion of Mathevan Channar I, around 1834. He moved with his family to Ambilezhathu in Pallippad assuming the ‘Karanvarship’ at alummoottil. (It is a mystery why he had not shifted to Alummoottil). Sri. Pallippad Kunju Krishnan (his grand daughter’s son) was of the opinion that it may be due to his practice of ‘manthravadam’ that he thought may adversily affect the well being of the Tharavad. It is said that the ‘Ambilezhathu’ property was purchased and a house was constructed there solely for the move of Manthravadi Mathevan Channar II from Mavelikkara. His mother Kaali Channatty I and his younger brother Kunju kunju Channar moved to Alummoottil and the others continued at Lekshana.


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