The story behind the division of the tharavad goes like this. The two sisters of the Manthravadi Mathevan Channar brothers were Kochikka Channatty (I) and Mechi Channatty. The elder sister Kochikka Channatty (I) was married to Padeettedathu and the younger sister Mechi Channatty was married to Komalezhathu. About four years after the death of Manthravadi Mathevan Channar (II), when Kunju kunju Channar was Karanavar, due to the inefficiency in the management of the tharavad, the properties were indebted and there was default in the payment of even land tax. So, in order to recover the tax, the Parvathyar (village officer) and Kolkars (surveyers) came to recover the tax by demolishing the ‘nalu kettu’ and to sell it in public auction. They were about to start the demolition process but were prevented by the maidservant, who was sweeping the front yard of the tharavad. Crying loudly, she jumped and hanged on to the ‘moola kazhukol’ (main rafter at the corner), which the officials were trying to demolish.


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