Our Appooppan, Kochu Kunju Channar III was the first one, other than the Maharaja and the Viceroy, to own a car in the early 1900 Travancore. The services and influences of several Channars in Marthanda Verma’s time are legendary and well recorded. Ammachiamma’s lap was warm and secure, and was always available more than half a century ago. As I grew older and went off to college, and then ultimately wound up taking a job and residence in the USA, home and Tharavad, ten thousand miles away, began to appear in a totally different perspective.


To my deep sorrow, Ammachiamma and even my parents and uncle, are all gone. However, when I look in the mirror, I see the reflection of all of my forefathers and foremothers looking back at me, and I realize that I am the collective results of all of their hard works, sacrifices, ethics, compassions, and nobilities of the last 600 plus years.


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